Minerals That Heal

Follow Us Most diseases often have been linked to a mineral deficiency. It is vital for our bodies to get adequate amounts of essential minerals to enforce enzyme activity, and absorption of vitamins. Minerals taken in the right form can perform efficiently to re-mineralize bone, and heal the body from a number of health conditions. […]


Benefits of Horsetail

Follow Us Horsetail is a herb that will help you achieve desirable results. This herb is known to stimulate hair growth. If you have tried other sources of hair growth pills without much success, you can take horsetail capsules. You should also make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet of omega fatty acids, fresh […]

How To Prevent Sagging Skin

Follow Us Knowing how to prevent sagging skin is a common concern for people who prefer to avoid risky cosmetic surgeries. Contouring with makeup is a good way to hide sagging skin on the face, but there are more effective treatments that prevent sagging, and treating different areas of the body. According to research, DMAE […]

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Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

Follow Us Are you using the best natural anti aging skin care products? DMAE is an abbreviation for dimethylaminoethanol, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound. It is metabolically produced by the brain, the male reproductive glands, and adrenal glands in trace amounts. The body converts DMAE into estrogen, testosterone, and cortisone. It is closely […]


Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

Follow Us Since there is such a buzz, I was very eager to try Matcha DNA Certified Organic. While I was drinking MatchaDNA Green Tea for several days, I noticed how my energy levels increased. The longer I drink this tea, I’m sure I will experience other benefits. I love how it is powered with […]

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