Apr 23

Keep Bugs Away

The spring and summer months are a time when you want to get outside and have fun with your friends and family. However, it is also a time when bugs make their presence known in a big way. What are some tactics that you can employ to keep bugs from biting and otherwise being annoying this year?

Use Bug Zappers

Most insects are attracted to light. This is why most people will turn on lights on start a fire to keep bugs away. Bug zappers will utilize light to attract the bug and then zap them when they get too close. Those who use this tactic create an effective radius that is free from bugs, which allows everyone to enjoy themselves all night long.

Bug Spray or Ointment Can Be Effective

Covering yourself in bug spray can be a great way to keep bugs from bothering you. Biting insects such as mosquitoes won’t want to land on your body or come anywhere near you. If they bite you, they are going to get a bad taste in their mouth and fly away. In some cases, the bug spray will send out a chemical signal that tells the bugs or biting insects to stay away. A mosquito misting system may also be effective at getting them to keep their distance while you are outdoors.

Attract Bugs With Sugar

Ants, bees and other bugs love sugar. This is why surfaces that are covered in sugar are likely to have pest problems. To attract bees or other bugs, you can cut a full bottle of soda in half. You can then hang the soda and wait for the bugs to fly into it. Once they get stuck in the soda, they will not be able to get out. For maximum coverage, try hanging multiple bottles of soda or other sugary liquids throughout your property.

A bug bite can do more than just cause you to itch. Certain bugs are known to carry diseases that could make you sick or kill you. Therefore, keeping bugs away could be a matter of life and death. Taking steps now to keep bugs off of your skin makes it easier to enjoy your time outside without anyone having to go to the hospital due to a bite or sting.

Apr 23

Improve your Health With Royal Jelly

If you are not getting adequate nutrition from your daily diet, supplementing with a natural product like YS Organic Royal Jelly will optimize your health. Royal jelly

royal jelly has anti-aging properties to make you look younger, it lowers cholesterol, and increases your energy levels.

I am impressed with this product because it contains amazing nutrients such as B-vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E and K, minerals, 18 amino acids, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and other nutrients.

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Apr 22

Fun Fitness Games For Kids

Lack of physical activity and over-indulgence of the wrong foods are major causes of obesity in children. Fitness games for kids keep their bodies in shape, and their minds more active. Below are examples of simple games that children will enjoy in their free time.

Jump rope is a great way for a kid to burn extra calories. This is a fun activity that kids can play alone or with a group of friends. Kids are hyperactive and will enjoy jumping around.

One of the best fitness games for kids is cycling. With this activity your child gets to exercise leg muscles while using a lot of energy to cycle. However, it is advised that kids should be supervised when they engage in this activity to prevent accidents.

Playing soccer is another fun activity that requires a lot of energy. The heart muscles and other body muscles are improved when kids are playing soccer. Motivating your child while they are playing soccer is a good way to keep them interested in the game.

Introducing your child to various types of fitness games is very important and it is your duty to make sure they get their exercise during the week. These games will keep kids healthy.

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Apr 22

Back Pain?

ways to ease back pain

Finding the most effective ways to ease back pain will help you to live in better peace and comfort. For many people, back pain is a bothersome health condition they endure each day. When you suffer from back pain, the lives of your family members and friends are also affected. This condition can have a major impact in your life, and may prevent you from enjoying your daily activities with your loved ones if left untreated. Calling out from work due to back pain is a common issue for workers.

Statistics have shown that 1/2 of working Americans admit their experience with back pain. It is no wonder that $50 billion is spent each year to treat this painful condition that disrupts the lives of so many people.

What Type Of Back Pain Do You Have?

There are different factors that will cause back pain. Some of these may consist of injuries, lifting heavy objects, lack of posture sitting for prolonged hours, and even stress. The intensity levels of back pain are categorized into three types. These are acute pain that lasts for less than four weeks, sub acute pain lasts from 4-12 weeks, and chronic pain that lasts for over 12 weeks. In order for you use the best techniques to ease back pain it is essential for you to understand the type of pain you are feeling.

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Apr 22

Infrared Sauna: An Effective Tool for a Healthy Lifestyle

An infrared sauna is one of the best therapeutic devices on the market. Although the infrared sauna has been around for quite a few years, many people still gravitate towards traditional saunas. However, studies have shown that infrared saunas are far more beneficial to the human body. Here are some of the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

Relaxes the Body

A traditional sauna is susceptible to being extremely hot. Not only do the elevated temperatures feel very uncomfortable, but the hot environment can also lead to premature dehydration. While an infrared sauna is designed to provide warmth, the overall temperature remains very relaxing and cozy.

Pain Relief

An infrared sauna has the ability to provide instant pain relief to sore muscles and joints. The invigorating environment of the infrared sauna helps to recover from injuries at a much faster rate. On the other hand, the intense heat of a traditional sauna often proves to be counter-effective.

Weight Loss

Amazingly, an infrared sauna can actually help people to burn a significant amount of calories. This attribute is especially beneficial to the people who are attempting to drop a few pounds. Depending on a person’s metabolism rate, they may be able to burn in excess of 300 calories by simply sitting in the infrared sauna for an hour.

Lower Blood Pressure

An infrared sauna is very effective at lowering a person’s blood pressure. The enhanced blood circulation helps an individual’s heart to work much more efficiently.

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Apr 19

How to Remove Under-Eye Bags!

Unsightly swelling or puffiness underneath your eyes will make you feel self-conscious. Under-eye bags will also make you look tired and older. Before you opt for surgery, try a cheaper technique to reduce the swelling. There are natural remedies in your kitchen that you can use to remove puffy bags from underneath your eyes.

While some treatments work better than others, using cucumbers is one of the best methods to dramatically fix this issue. Apply a cucumber face cream directly to the swelling areas underneath the eyes, or cut two slices of chilled, fresh cucumber and place over your eyes for 20 minutes.

This is a popular solution that truly works!

Apr 08

How To Remove Whiteheads

We all want to have the perfect baby skin that is beautiful and glows each day. However, there are some of us that have an issue with whiteheads. There are various home remedies that can be used to eliminate whiteheads and to make the skin more flawless.

Use a Tomato Mask

Mash a tomato and apply liberally on the affected areas of the face. Leave the mask on overnight and wash your face in the morning. This treatment can be used as often as needed.

Baking Soda

In most homes, there is always a box of baking soda in the kitchen. Add water to baking soda to make a paste. Apply this common remedy to your face to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Allow the mask to stay on for at least thirty minutes before washing.

Salicylic Acid

Wash your face with cleansing products that contain salicylic acid. This is a key ingredient that unclogs pores.

Do you have a tip to remove unsightly whiteheads? Please leave comments!

Mar 16

Antioxidants For Health

There are various benefits of pycnogenol for skin and your general health. Antioxidants for health such as Vitamin C, E, A, CoQ10, and resveratrol play a crucial role in reducing oxidative damage to the cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Antioxidants (free radical scavengers) are essential in protecting the body from oxidative stress that may be caused from exposure to cigarette smoking, environmental pollution, etc. Antioxidants prevent and repair damage in the body that are caused from free radicals. They also improve the health of the skin.

Antioxidants for Skin Health

Pycnogenol is a natural extract that is derived from the bark of the French maritime pine. It contains a high concentration of water-soluble antioxidant flavonoids that promote skin and overall health. Research has shown that pycnogenol is 20 times stronger than Vitamin C, and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. This wonderful antioxidant can be applied topically or taken as a dietary supplement for you to obtain significant results.

Each day, we are constantly exposed to free radicals that are known to cause rapid aging, and the increased risk of diseases. Pcynogenol defends the body from oxidative stress factors. As we age, there is a decrease in the production of collagen. This antioxidant is helpful in restoring the firmness and elasticity of the skin, it increases the level of collagen, and minimizes dark spots on the skin. When you need to slow the aging process, pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant that you should use each day.

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Mar 12

Enter To Win $100 Visa Gift Card US & CA

A popular technology that makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your business from anywhere in the world is with the use of virtual phone numbers. In the healthcare field, it is essential for health professionals to have an easy, cost-effective way to communicate with their patients. A virtual phone number provides you with a great advantage, and best of all you don’t have to face expensive phone charges.

The Giveaway

Are you interested to win a $100 Visa Gift card from virtualphone-number.com? If you have any questions, feel free to contact virtualphone-number.com. This giveaway is available for only US and CA, and ends 3/25. Enter to win on the form below. Good luck!

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Mar 09

Do You Wear Compression Stockings?

When it comes to purchasing the perfect pair of compression stockings, you might be overwhelmed with all the choices that are available. You will have to make a selection of compression stockings from a wide range of sizes, lengths, and colors. You will also need to find a pair of support hose that provides both comfort and quality.

The perfect pair of thigh high compression stockings are designed to offer support throughout the day. Wearing these stockings can supply you with numerous benefits. Compression stockings increase circulation in your legs, relieve leg discomfort, reduce leg swelling, and fatigue if you have been sitting or standing for a long period of time.

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